Established 1981



About ABC


ABC led by charismatic singer Martin Fry formed in Sheffield in the 1980’s . They wanted to fuse the world of disco funk with their own unique new romantic, post punk vision.  ABC’s debut ‘The Lexicon Of Love’ went to No 1 and sold over a million records.  To date, ABC have released nine studio albums: ‘The Lexicon Of Love’ (1982), ‘Beauty Stab’ (1983), ‘How To Be A Zillionaire’ (1985), ‘Alphabet City’ (1987), ‘Up’ (1989), ‘Abracadabra’ (1991), ‘Skyscraping’ (1997) , ‘Traffic’ (2008) and ‘The Lexicon of Love II’ (2016).

“ABC’s Martin Fry is a revelation, a soul man supreme, belting out pristine Vegas glitter pop and uptown House in his electric blue lounge suit. An ageless performer, Fry is the missing link between Bryan Ferry and Jarvis Cocker. For the inevitable encore of ‘The Look of Love’ he returns dipped in sparkly gold lame. ” Stephen Dalton NME




Q & A

What is ABC’s philosophy, attitude, motto and secret for success? 

Well originally it was something like Change as stability , Change as strength. Now is neo. In the U.K the Lexicon of Love is regarded as a benchmark for music in that decade. In the USA  How To Be A Zillionaire was probably the biggest commercial success.

Our Motto : Purveyors of fine product .  Attitude: cosmopolitan , arch , elegant , romantic and a little bit ironic I suppose. Although over the years this has changed many times over.

What would be 3 words that best describe ABC?

  1. Romantic

  2. Escapist 

  3. Melodic

If ABC were a movie ?

If ABC were a movie it would be a combination of Glengarry Glen Ross , Clockwork Orange , The Red Shoes , Drive , Charlie Bubbles , The Nutty Professor [ the original Jerry Lewis version ] anything with superannuated colour and  a happy ending.

Please describe in detail what each visual style or concept past campaigns and albums involved.

Lexicon of Love: Romantic and glossy.

Beauty Stab: A protest album.

How To Be A Zillionaire: A Hana-Barbera cartoon.

Alphabet City: Luxuriant but dark.

Up: Embracing Chicago House and Detroit Techno.

Abracadabra: The Hangover from Up.

Skyscraping: Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural version of the future.

Traffic: A trans Atlantic disguise.

Lexicon of Love II : Hollywood 50’s B movie film noir